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Explore our services and packages below to find out how we can help you elevate your experience in your space. 


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  • Have you moved to a new spot and now you’re looking for the perfect sofa to complete your living room?

  • Having a hard time finding a dresser to fit into that weird nook in your bedroom?

  • Stop getting by with those “stand-in” pieces of furniture, and start living with things you love. We're here to help! After reviewing your needs, we will spend our time finding the perfect piece for your space. We will show you option after option until your needs are fulfilled.


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  • Looking for a fresh approach to your living space, but don’t have the budget for a full re-design?

  • Do you keep tripping over that damn coffee table?

  • Just went through a break-up and need a change of scenery?

  • We help you identify the blockages in the flow of your spaces, and then we help you re-arrange. We will come into your home, discuss with you what your "flow" issues are, and offer alternate floor plan options until you feel great in your home. If you need help with the manual labor, we can help you with that too!


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  • Are your closets overflowing with unused items?

  • Is your Tupperware cabinet a safety hazard?

  • Are you finally ready to donate your prom dress?

  • Let’s get it together with some personal organization. Take the stress out of the process and let us use our amazing organizational skills to sort, arrange, and make it accessible in a beautiful way.


  • It doesn’t matter if your budget is $300 or $50,000, we want nothing more than for people to know that good design is within actual reach for everyone.

  • We will come up with a plan together to help you achieve your design dreams within your specified budget. Inspirations, floor plans, space planning, procurement, color assistance, installation, are all a part of the design process and will be tailored to fit your needs.



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  • For peeps who don’t live near us!

  • Don’t live in the tri-state area but still need some design assistance? We’re living in 2019, so… this isn’t a foreign concept. We have successfully designed homes and offices remotely for clients far-far away.

  • We can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re a block away or 10 states away. Lets talk!


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  • Full-on design services: You know your space needs work. You know you want professional help, but you have no idea where to even start, or how a designer might help?

  • We can help your style “shine bright like a diamond”. There is no project too big or too small. No space is ever too far gone for help. We love challenges, but more importantly, we love making you feel great about your space and your life. We want to help make your life look good. Remodel, refresh, restyle.


  • We offer styling and rental services as well!

  • Not seeing the service, you had in mind? Not sure how to work with a designer? Tell us what you’re thinking!

  • If we can’t fulfill your needs, we will always try our hardest to point you in the right direction or make a recommendation.



“We had an excellent experience with the team at Het Hout for our dining room renovation. Our dining room space serves as both our dining room and the home's entryway. We have always had trouble combining the two functions in an organized, coherent and aesthetically pleasing way. Amy and Chad did a fabulous job navigating our unique needs in this space and ultimately delivered a gorgeous and stylish design that exceeded our expectations. They are knowledgeable on how to navigate spaces with unusual floor plans and challenging angles. They worked within our budget and often found many great items at a significant discount. They will happily work with items you already have and want to keep in your design, and offer budget friendly ways to make small changes to your current pieces to work into the new design. Their design inspiration boards allow you to see what the final result with look like before making any purchasing or paint decisions which is extraordinarily helpful. They always communicated to us in a timely fashion. Amy and Chad are very easy and fun to work with, and they took all the stress out of the design process. “

Nicole P. - 2018