Het Hout
Curating Spaces, Designed With Purpose



het hout /hət · haut/  

noun : Dutch, "the wood"



Curating Spaces Designed with Purpose.

"Curating Space." That is what we do when we set up the spaces where we live, work, or play. We arrange, acquire, position, and display all the parts and pieces of our lives. It helps us feel comfortable and welcome. but sometimes we need a little outside help to pull it all together in order for the spaces to look and feel like who we are. That's where we come in.


We Are Designers, Artists, Curators, & Creators.

We want you to know that purposeful design is within your reach.  A space with purpose can transform everyday living into a lifestyle. It can influence and improve your life, and can elevate your experiences.

This is the new face of interior design. no heavy draperies and over-priced baubles.  We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel of design. We're here to bring out the best of your spaces, nook by nook, room by room. We do that through the unique design services we offer, but also by encouraging you to think about your home or office in a new way.

We look forward to inspiring, educating, & supporting you as we curate your space, designed with purpose.


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