Het Hout
Curating Spaces, Designed With Purpose




Designing spaces with purpose to enhance the human experience is why I became a designer. With my years of professional experience in both commercial and residential design, and a BS in Interior Design, my experience  includes; space planning, reconfigures, procurement services, and general aesthetic guidance. Designing remotely for clients has become somewhat of a specialty for me, and I really enjoy the challenge! What fuels my creativity is organizing the details of a project and coming up with fresh perspectives that work for each client. I believe work and play don’t have to be separate if done right!  I currently reside in beautiful historic Philadelphia after living in Arizona for most of my life. Elements of southwestern landscapes can be seen in some of my designs, as it is truly a part of my heart and inspires me daily. Traveling, hiking, estate sale exploring, gardening, and drinking wine with Chad and our dogs are just a few of my favorite things.



As a professionally trained artist, I view living spaces as a three dimensional form of art. I love working in natural materials. I try to emphasize their physical properties in my art while balancing the whole of the composition. Applying these principals within a space is my favorite challenge. I believe strongly that technology can enrich and simplify our lives, especially when integrated seamlessly with the design of our homes. I earned a BFA in Painting and Art history from Tyler School of Art in 2012. Interior design has always been a focus of mine and an important part of my art practice. I am passionate about vintage furniture, all things Scandinavian, solid wood construction, and subtle details.  When I’m not re-arranging my own home, I love to challenge myself with cooking, playing the saxophone, wood working, and watching jeopardy with Amy and our two crazy dogs. 


het hout /hət · haut/  

noun : Dutch, "the wood"

Het Hout means "the wood" or "the timber" in Dutch. The name references our love for natural materials, and for nature itself. It also speaks to our love for mid-century Scandinavian design. (Plus, we just liked the way it sounds and looks!)